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Mar 12, 2013 6:00pm PDT
holding a top spot in the catholic church. >> there is a effort to change a california law credited with saving threatened species. the concern sthait makes things too hard for jerls. the environmentalists credit the california environmental quality act known for saving nesting areas of threatened peregrine falcons and hawks. awill youing developers to identify projects and how they'll be mitigated. environmental and labor groups joined forces to protdest change autos today our air is clean yes, water, purer. our trees are greener because the quality of our progress has been the deciding factor. >> critics say the law delays or kills projects this, sets up a showdown between unions and the governor. all are usually on the same side on most issues to end what you calls obsessive lawsuits. >> our approach needs to be based on concities accident standards that cut dealize caltrans reports after proij jekts in california takes 17 years to complete because delays often blamed on lawsuits. also impeding reconstruction of the hol hollywood bowl two years when a group wanted to safety struc
Mar 15, 2013 6:00pm PDT
. in law there is a requirement that on march 15th you've got to do layoffs. >> most expected to be rescinded but union officials warn the practice of sending out notices then rescinding them is driving good, young teachers out of the system. >> san francisco police shot up a taxi cab after a suspected car jacker tried to run them over. this began after the suspect stopped on its windshield while the driver was still inside. police said they fired after the suspect rammed their patrol cars. residents say the shooting is unusual for that neighborhood. >> jackson street on a friday morn something. >> this is the first time i've experienced this. i'm just glow going to drop off kids. in this neighborhood? it's unlikely. >> the suspect man wrathed to drive off. he was captured late skbrer was not hit by any bullets. >> developing news a missing scots valley man has been found in utah. salt lake city police say matthew austin abraham is in their custody for his own safety and undergoing medical evaluation this, is a surveillance image taken after a bus driver says she dropped him o
Mar 18, 2013 6:00pm PDT
that the people voted for and... you shouldn't allowed to do it because it's a question of... the law. >> some people who are saying this ignored the fact that the blend add approach is commonly used throughout the world. >> no one knows where remaining $55 billion will come from to finish the project. >> bart conducting an experiment allowing bikes on board during morning and evening commute hours, bicycles okay in all trains with just restrictions. abc 7 news has been riding bart this afternoon. there will be a bit of a delay here, have you seen problems? >> folks have been bringing bikes on bart this evening when nornlly when bicycles would be allowed. bart has been toying with the idea of allowing bikes. in august, the test is on fridays allowing people to bring bikes on during peak commute times and decided the -- they needed to do more tests f you look you can see there is someone bringing a bicycle in. going to take that bike down stairs of course because they're not allowed on escalators. this is what you're going to be seeing more of. bart decided to do a test on every day of the week
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3